OyeHappy’s business is to make you happy, literally

by Paul Joseph August 30, 2015 Featured

Do you know what defines an entrepreneur? I believe it’s the ability to create their own opportunities by doing things they truly care about by investing their life. While those things might seem crazy, they take pride in taking the road less traveled and then paving way for others to follow

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Glassic and its vision

by Paul Joseph August 26, 2015 Featured

Ever wondered what makes startups disruptive and turns entrepreneurs into change makers? It’s their ability to think how things around us can be made much better and then battle against all odds to realize their hard to achieve vision to benefit the masses

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An Interview With Pavan Sondur, CEO & Co-founder, Unbxd

by Paul Joseph March 26, 2014 Featured

E-commerce is growing exponentially in India with rise in online shopping trends and increasing use of smartphone and internet. The India e-commerce market grew at a whopping 88 percent in 2013 to $16 billion from $8.5 billion in 2012, as per ASSOCHAM report. Such exponential increase in e-commerce portals has given rise to product recommendation platforms

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Google Officially Announces Google Capital Equity Fund

by Paul Joseph February 20, 2014 Featured

Google today has officially taken wraps of its new investment arm that will help companies that are in their later growth stages. Dubbed as Google Capital the equity fund is not similar to Google Ventures which funds tech start-ups. The fund is backed by Google and led by partners David Lawee, Scott Tierney, and Gene Frantz.

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E-Commerce Software Solution Platform Bigcommerce Enters India

by Paul Joseph February 18, 2014 Featured

Bigcommerce, a SaaS ecommerce platform has expanded its operations in India. The US based start-up enables businesses to launch online stores in a simple manner. Founded by Eddie Machaalaniin and Mitchell Harper in 2009, Bigcommerce already has over 50,000 online stores using their platform around the world.For, their India launch, the company has partnered with Mumbai based eRetail technology and marketing specialists Iksula

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Facebook Makes New ‘Insight’ Available To Page Admins

by Paul Joseph October 11, 2013 Featured

Facebook pages are a good way to let the world know what you specialize in, what your product is or what service you can provide. This encompasses all range of users, right from businesses to an everyday social media hobbyist. Facebook pages’ Admin privileges just got a makeover with the addition of a brand new version of page insights.

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Yahoo Has Acquired Rockmelt

by Paul Joseph August 5, 2013 Featured

Yahoo has picked up yet another tech startup; the company will acquire social browser Rockmelt and shut down its apps by Aug.

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Yahoo’s Board Approves $1.1Billion Acquisition Of Tumblr

by Paul Joseph May 20, 2013 Featured

Yahoo Inc’s board of directors has approved the acquisition of social media blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash, according to sources.

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Foursquare Launches Separate Foursquare For Business App

by Paul Joseph January 30, 2013 Featured

Foursquare has launched its second mobile app which will cater solely to businesses who use the location service. Before this, all business owners on the platform had to access their business dashboards and tools from the desktop

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An Ethnic wear B&M startup goes HiTech

by Paul Joseph October 29, 2012 Featured

A 30 year old brick & mortar business. Proprietor has an Aha-moment seeing his children shop online. Daughter helps define a new direction

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