Saurin Shah on Sift Shopping, Startups and Silicon Valley

by Paul Joseph September 29, 2014 Featured

  A serial entrepreneur who has been interested in entrepreneurship right from the school, Saurin Shah packs a punch with great startup advice drawn from his own experiences. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder @ Sift Shopping.

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Rocket Internet’s PricePanda Expands To India

by Paul Joseph April 7, 2014 Featured

PricePanda is another of Rocket Internet ’s portfolio companies. After being launched in 2012, the company rapidly expanded to cover markets such as Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand. The company now has entered Indian soil

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American Express Has Bought Stake In Indian Payment Company Ezetap

by Paul Joseph March 20, 2014 Featured

American Express has reportedly bought a minority stake in Indian payment startup, Ezetap. The company makes mobile friendly payment devices which can help merchants transact without the need to operate and install POS counters.

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Uber Has Launched In Mumbai; Currently In Testing Phase

by Paul Joseph February 21, 2014 Featured

Uber has launched its premium car pick up service in Mumbai.

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Price Comparison Start-up Pricebaba Raises Funding From 500 StartupWallah

by Paul Joseph January 15, 2014 Featured

Pricebaba is a price search and comparison service exclusively dealing with mobile phones. The start-up provides pricing information in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi and thus enables its users to get the phone of their choice for the most valuable price. While this may seem to be a small niche, it does make a lot of difference to many people who are looking at good deals on some of the latest phones that are hitting the Indian market

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New Start-ups Gain Funding With The Aid Of NASSCOM

by Paul Joseph December 27, 2013 Featured

Start-ups, as it seems, are the talk of the town these days. Businesses are flourishing in the post semi-recession era which marks two important things, India’s resilience to such small economic setbacks and that the mindset of India Inc. is changing when it comes to trusting start-ups and their credibility to run a good and innovative business model

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Printajoy, An Ahmedabad Startup Which Plans To Print And Ship Your Instagrams

by Paul Joseph December 24, 2013 Featured

Instagrams are beautiful to look at, but they are largely digital and can only been on your mobile or your desktop. However, imagine how good old fashioned printed photos would look if they were Instagrammed! They could be used in a number of ways – in your greeting cards, wall decorations, collages and so many other things.

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Dhingana Ties Up With Idea To Provide Their Android Users With Free Unlimited Music Downloads

by Paul Joseph November 11, 2013 Featured

Dhingana, one of the major music streaming sites in India, has announced a partnership with Idea Cellular. The deal will let Idea Cellular’s Android using customers download unlimited music free of charge

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Google Acquires Android Performance Startup FlexyCore

by Paul Joseph October 28, 2013 Featured

Android is all set to get a performance boost soon! Google has reportedly acquired FlexyCore, a startup which specializes in maximizing performance in Android devices, for $23 million. Their product DroidBooster was the reason behind the acquisition.

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The Next Big Thing: Gesture Control

by Paul Joseph October 16, 2013 Featured

Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Imagine things turning off and on at the wave of a hand, phones obeying your command as you move your fingers in the air, or just operating an everyday toaster with a flick of your wrist. All this is going to be possible with “gesture control” technologies that are being developed at the major design centers of the world.

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